CSS - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a CSS?
Who should complete the CSS?
Can I get a copy of my institution’s CSS from our last Community Support review?
What information will I need to complete the CSS?
Where can I find my institution’s FHFA Member Identification Number?
Where can I find my institution’s most recent CRA rating and date?
What are the steps to complete the CSS online?
The CSP system is indicating that my FHFB ID and ZIP Code are not a valid combination. What should I do?
Who should I contact if the information on the Member Institution Information page is not correct?
My institution does not make/track mortgage loans to first-time homebuyers. What should I enter in Part IIA of the CSS?
How many check marks are needed in Part IIB of the CSS to meet the First-time Homebuyer requirement?
My institution does not participate in any of the services or activities listed in Part IIB of the CSS. Can I leave Part IIB blank?
Will I be able to print/save a copy of my online CSS?
How do I validate my CSS submission?
What should I do if I do not get the validation email?
Will I get confirmation that my CSS has been validated?
Can I make a change to my CSS after I submit it to the FHFA?
When is the deadline to submit the CSS?
What happens if my institution does not submit a CSS by the deadline?
Who should I contact if I have questions?