Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago
2016 Annual Report

You Are The Solution
We Are Your Partner
Our 2016 In Review

Your customers trust you. From Millennials to Baby Boomers, the people who do business with you rely on your financial solutions every day. As your partner, you can rely on the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago for your short- and long-term funding needs.

We are owned by you, our members. As a cooperative, we maintained our focus in 2016 on providing value to you in the products and services that we offer. In addition, we used our financial strength to enhance the value of your membership by reducing your membership and activity stock requirements while enhancing your return on investment.

Our balance sheet also reflects our commitment to being a member-focused Bank; overall, our member usage of advances and MPF® loan products has increased while our investment portfolio has paid down.

We are pleased to review with you many of the year’s important initiatives and accomplishments in this report.

It was a great year. Thank you for your support and for using the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago.

Matthew R. Feldman

Matthew R. Feldman,
President and CEO, FHLBC

William W. Sennholz

William W. Sennholz,
Chairman of the Board, FHLBC, and CEO and President, Forward Financial Bank

March 9, 2017